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We offer structured storage of various raw omics data, with a focus on Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data, based on our in-house software One Touch Pipeline (OTP) . We are happy to help you find a suitable way to structure your data.

Sequencing data (FASTQ files): For a regular ODCF project your sequencing metadata is imported into our database, your FASTQ files are transferred to our filesystems and your data gets processed (if available). All information is visualized via our graphical user interface. Your project’s raw data and the data processed by ODCF will be stored in a project specific folder, provided by us. This folder is secured by a project specific UNIX Group and you will only get read permission for that folder. In addition, an analysis folder is provided on the filesystem where you can store related analysis data. Here you get read and write permissions and are free to manage the data yourself. Both folders can be accessed via the LSF-cluster and OpenStack-cloud however, there is no possibility to access them via Windows.

Other research data can also be stored at the ODCF. Only the user access management is currently available for these projects, and no automated data storage. Nevertheless, an analysis folder on the filesystem will be created in order to store the data. It is your responsibility to manage and store the data in this folder. All data managed by ODCF is under strict surveillance so that only authorized people can access them. Data access can be managed by the PI of each project or a delegated user via the graphical user interface (GUI) of OTP. If you are going to start a new project and want your data managed and processed or if you want any more information on the services we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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