Compute Cluster and Developer Services

In the framework of the Scientific Computing Infrastructure (SCI) project we operate a compute cluster for data processing and downstream analysis. It is used by the ODCF and other groups at the DKFZ for clinical and scientific projects. The cluster runs the IBM Spectrum LSF workload management software and is based on CentOS. As of November 2020, it consists of more than 150 servers and provides access to more than 4500 CPU cores and 200 GPUs (over 800'000 CUDA cores), a high-memory node with 1 TB of memory and associated developer services (RStudio Pro and JupyterHub). All cluster nodes are directly connected to the central DKFZ storage systems managed by the IT Core Facility.

Our goal is to provide a cluster based on the needs of our users. Please feel free to contact us if you have special requirements or questions related to the cluster.


Offered Services


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